Recruiting 65+

James Timmons our Exercise Specialist and PhD Scholar is commencing his 2nd part of his Training Intervention study with Medfit Proactive Heathcare in partnership with University College Dublin and The Irish Research Council. This study will last 12 weeks from April through until the end of June. He is looking to recruit healthy 65+ Year olds (Males & Females) who are available to train on Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s at a given time slot. All training sessions will be held in Medfit and will be under his supervision. There will also be 3 testing periods throughout the study where participants will be required to attend UCD. If you are unable to participate, but would be interested in still being tested on 3 different occasions, he in need of participants for the Control Group, therefore, please still get in touch.
Please also see below a brief explanation of his research:
Title“Comparison of aerobic versus resistance versus combined exercise in older adults at risk for age-related functional (physical and cognitive) decline”
Research Aim; This research will examine training mode-specific effects of exercise training in elderly through a comparison of aerobic versus resistance versus combined modes of exercise

Study Design

12 weeks training – 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Male & Female >65yrs
4 Groups (Aerobic Training Group, Resistance Training Group, Combined Group & Control Group)
Physical & Cognitive Testing – Before (0 weeks), During (6 weeks) and After (12 weeks)

Potential Benefits to Participants:

Changes in lean body mass
Improvements in Aerobic fitness (MET Fitness)
Increased Muscle strength
Enhanced Physical & cognitive function
Positive Blood parameters associated with metabolic health

Practical Application

The findings will hopefully offer new useful information in exercise prescription in healthy older adults
Provide evidence for designing combined exercise training programs
Offering different training routines
Optimising prevention or delay of sarcopenia
Represent an important adherence strategy in older adults’ participation

Please do e-mail James if this is something you are interested in. The first part of the study went extremely and the Participants benefited greatly from it, therefore, it is a project worth participating in! Please feel free to contact James Timmons if you require any further information.