About us:

We are a committed team of highly qualified professionals who use cutting edge technology, such as DAVID, MILON and ALTER G, to improve our client’s quality of life

Our core values are important to us and are why we are successful in having a dramatic impact on our client’s lives. Our core values are:

  • People centred – all our programmes are personalised and individually developed to identify our clients goals and help them achieve these goals. This may be to lose weight, to be able to lift your kids or play golf, or simply to get walking again after surgery.
  • Authenticity – we all genuinely believe what we have created in Medfit is unique and in the health benefits of our programmes. We love to hear about our clients reaching their goals and the impact our programmes have had on their lives.
  • Teamwork – as a multi-disciplinary team of medics, clinicians and client support staff we work closely together and are united by our purpose – in short improving our client’s quality of life. When you enter Medfit you understand what we mean when we say our team creates a supportive and friendly environment.

What makes us different?

  • Personalised – each service involves developing an individual and personalised programme which is specifically designed to your circumstances and needs. We identify your goal and then set about helping you to achieve this.
  • Integrated – we work together as a multi-disciplinary team to get the best outcome for our clients i.e. improve their quality of life. We have carefully created a physical environment to encourage and support interaction between our team members.
  • Supportive and friendly – we create a supportive and friendly environment to help clients change behaviours and achieve their goals.
  • Expert – what we do is based on research, evidence, professional training and the latest technology.

Our Integrated Approach

Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of medics, clinicians and client support staff who all work together with the common objective of helping our clients improve their quality of life and achieve their personal goals.

We provide a friendly and supportive environment for all clients from those that are critically ill right through to elite athletes. Our team approach aims to help our clients change their behaviours and lifestyle to exercise more. This improves their quality of life so that they get more out of life for longer.