We have designed a complete, effective and efficient back treatment and strengthening programme to suit a wide array of back issues. The programme delivers a better quality of life, an increase in ability to work and improvements in your general health and fitness.

Who is it for?

Our programme is suitable for individuals of all ages with acute or chronic back pain, pre or post spinal surgery or those individuals looking to prevent back pain into the future.

Examples of typical clients include:

  • Adults with a mix of back/neck pain and minor nerve pain, who do not require surgery. We work to minimise the nerve pain, and then implement a rehabilitation process. This process limits your future risk of requiring lower back or neck surgery.
  • Adults with back pain and no nerve pain. We provide the expert clinicians and a treatment pathway to ensure a full recovery. Our programmes condition the spinal muscles allowing you take control of your back rehabilitation programme. In certain, cases we work with our pain specialist colleagues to limit pain.
  • Adults who have severe back pain or ongoing referred leg pain where there is often a need for surgery. In these cases, we guide and refer our patients to expert neurosurgeons. We offer services to try and avoid surgery. For those who require surgery, we offer a full rehabilitation programme necessary to avoid repeat surgeries.
  • Teenagers where the main causes of back or nerve pains are stress fractures, early disc damage and joint overloading. These clients will want to reduce back pain and return to sport. Our job is both to manage your current pain and to then ensure that there is no recurrence through suitable conditioning of the spinal musculature.

What is involved?

Following in-depth initial testing of each individual with a Chartered Physiotherapist, we provide a graduated core muscle strengthening programme to optimise your core strength. We devise a programme on our specialised David spinal training system which allows us to train your back in a reliable and comfortable manner. We then introduce general fitness on our Milon circuit as well as core specific floor exercises to the programme suitable to your needs.

Why should I do the programme?

Our goal is to improve your quality of life. We achieve this by educating you on your back condition and the exercises it needs so that you can maintain your improved strength and care for your back long into the future.

How much does it cost?

An initial spinal assessment costs from €180 and provides us with a comprehensive assessment of your spine and muscular function. It also includes a Quality of Life questionnaire to measure the impact of back dysfunction on your life. This allows us to design a personalised spinal rehab programme for you. Spinal conditioning sessions using the David system start at €85 per half hour session with discounted rates when purchasing full program.

What our clients say about us…

“Having had a back problem for at least 3 years I decided to attend Medfit. I found the result wonderful. My back symptoms which tended to be frequent & extremely painful are a thing of the past now.”

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Back Pain & Spinal Rehab