Cardiac Care and Rehab is a programme designed to reduce your risk of a heart event or to help you recover from a heart complaint. The overall aim of the programme is to improve your quality of life through exercise and behavioural change.

Who is it for?

Our Cardiac Care and Rehab programme is suitable if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low levels of activity, diabetes, are overweight or smoke. The programme is also suitable for those who have had a heart event including a heart attack, heart surgery, stent- ing, heart failure and for those that have a defibrillator or pacemaker.

What is involved?

You will initially be assessed by a specialist physiotherapist. We will assess your situation and then develop a personalised programme which includes an exercise programme which is personally supervised. The programme is your map for your journey to a better quality of life through the appropriate services within Medfit. Initially, this may just be exercise but could also include dietitians, lipid consultants, weight management experts and other physiotherapists. Our programmes incorporate the use of the latest technology including cardiac monitors so that we can monitor you during exercise.

Why should I do the programme?

Cardiac rehabilitation has been proven to reduce your risk of further heart events and reduce your risk of new and repeat admissions to hospital. We are delighted to offer specialist care with a number of experts in their field working in Medfit.

How much does it cost?

An initial clinical assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and costs €85. This assessment will allow us to determine the most suitable programme for you.

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What our clients say about us…

“Cardiac Rehab with Heart 2 Heart at Medfit go well together: enjoyment and challenge; professional expertise, technology and personal attention. Overall exemplary exercises and superb service”

“Medfit is one of those rare places where exercise becomes fun and with every entrance you get a friendly smile from the very helpful staff”