We use the latest technology and first class facilities, combined with contemporary research and the most recent evidence-based medical exercise practices to assist with sustainable behavioural changes and to improve your quality of life.

Who is it for?

We help everyone to achieve their health and wellness goals through exercise and lifestyle. We encourage active lifestyles regardless of age or current ability and activity levels. We work with the full spectrum of clients ranging from those who have never exercised in a structured way, to people recovering from surgery or illness, all the way through to elite athletes.

What is involved?

Our exercise programmes are tailored and customised. This means we design an exercise programme specific to you, for example using home-based bodyweight training, free weight exercises or our Milon circuit. We suit every individuals needs to ensure their goal is achieved. The Milon circuit is the most innovative fitness training concept in the health and weight loss industry. It is safe, easy and comfortable to use and provides a total body work out with six strength machines and two cardio units that work your heart. Our system is unique and is technologically advanced with smart card control. These smart cards contain an automatic memory function where they remember the users training parameters and automat- ically adjust the level of resistance on the equipment to meet the ability of the individual as they progress. Monitoring progress is important as improved results encourage greater engagement and motivation which in turn influences the success of your exercise programme.

Why should I do the programme?

Engaging in our exercise and lifestyle programme will lead to increased cardiovascular fitness and strength, enhanced body composition, weight loss and improved physical & mental well-being. In summary, it will improve your quality of life and deliver real health benefits. Our professional exper- tise alongside our advanced technology ensures that we can generate the appropriate behavioural changes neces- sary to improve overall function and quality of life.

How much does it cost?

An initial medical exercise consultation with one our Exercise Physiologist/ Exercise Specialist is €85. This is a vital consultation which allows us to develop a personally tailored exercise programme to help you achieve your goals.

Membership is available from €139 per month and includes the development of your personalised exercise programme as well as your set up on the Milon system. Your personalised programme will identify your exercise goals and your membership includes a monthly programme review with our strength and conditioning coaches. These reviews help ensure that you are progressing towards achieving your goals.

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What our clients say about us…

” I was practically unable to walk when I joined Medfit in August 2012. The team prepared an excellent programme for me and closely monitored my progress. I am now 72 years of age and currently in great form and shape! I am very well cared for by all the staff and I would indeed recommend Medfit”

“Medfit is one of those rare places where exercise becomes fun and with every entrance you get a friendly smile from the very helpful staff”

“Medfit takes the time to get to know ME and works with me to achieve my true fitness potential”