As the summer comes to a close many will look towards September as the month where they get back into their gym routine. Perhaps the biggest obstacle awaiting is motivation or more importantly sustaining that initial drive to get yourself to the gym 3 days a week.

There is no magic trick here or self-help book that will do the work for you. However behavioural scientists have revealed that there are common traits among those who rank highly for motivation.

1. Goal Setting: Setting realistic but meaningful goals is the first step towards making the changes you want. First identify what you want to change and also think about why.

2. Autonomy: It is pointless to have goals if they are not set by yourself or with the help of an exercise specialist. Your exercise specialist should provide you with objective data about your fitness level and overall health. But it is up to you to decide where you see yourself.

3. Competence: If your workouts are not tailored to your individuals needs and level it will either be too easy or too difficult. It is essential you are pushed in each work out but you should walk away with the sense you “won” the session

4. Being part of a group: Let’s face it, it can get boring working out alone. We are naturally geared towards working as part of a group. With common goals, members are more likely to support and encourage each other to achieve their targets.

Here at Medfit we use an integrated approach to help you develop and sustain your motivation allowing you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. With our understanding of exercise, behaviour and health we can assist you in making the changes you want.

Andy Grannell
Medfit Proactive Healthcare