Our joint and muscular rehab programmes are based on the knowledge that joint health, general fitness and well-being can be improved by safely prescribed exercise programmes. Our programmes focus on the safe return to fitness and function as well as preventing injuries.

Who is it for?

These programmes are designed for those with either a degenerative condition, for example, knee or hip condi- tions often related to age / wear and tear, or an inflam- matory condition. While we work with many clients to prevent or prepare for surgery we also work post surgery to get our client’s active again. Whatever the condition, our programme helps you return to function and improves your quality of life.

What is involved?

Our physiotherapists and strength and conditioning specialists will medically assess your presentation, test your movement patterns and measure your fitness levels to deliver a tailored programme based on the most up-to-date scientific research. Our integrated approach combines traditional physiotherapy treatment with use of gym equipment and technology. We bring our clients on a journey of goal-orientated exercise therapy.

Why should I do the programme?

Utilising our fully fitted gym, each client is introduced to mobility training, muscle activation techniques and functional training until durable and strong changes are obtained. These active programmes provide a unique opportunity to improve body mechanics to optimise function. The extensive use of our facilities, our equipment and the expertise of our team of healthcare practitioners is the perfect combination for success. Much more than a rehab programme, the Medfit experience is the most proactive way to regain and maintain musculoskeletal health.

How much does it cost?

An initial joint and muscular clinical assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and costs €85. This assessment will allow us to determine the most suitable programme for you.

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Joint and Muscular Rehab
What our clients say about us…

“I started the post-op rehab programme and it was very clear that the knowledge & practical approach of the Medfit team was way beyond average physiotherapy programmes”

“Medfit has helped me get my life back. My pain no longer prevents me from doing my job and socialising with my friends. My standard of living has greatly improved due to the care and training I received in Medfit”

“Medfit takes the time to get to know ME and works with me to achieve my true fitness potential”