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Obesity is a chronic disease and those with obesity should be offered treatment. Unfortunately, many people think that the solution is to eat less and exercise more. This is overly simplistic and fails to take into consideration the complex range of causes. There are special areas of the brain controlling appetite and satiation impact on your ability to lose / manage your weight – these aren’t within our control

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Weight Loss Maintenance is
a Tremendous Challenge

It’s unhelpful to those who are overweight or obese when diet and exercise (lifestyle) doesn’t work to suggest they should just try harder. For many of this group they cannot control their hunger or satiety. Operation transformation and similar programmes internationally make for great TV but the evidence is clear that the vast majority of people following this approach will regain all the weight they have lost. Weight loss maintenance is a tremendous challenge.

Research indicates that every time you eat, your gut sends a signal to your brain to indicate how much food you have eaten. This signal uses satiety gut hormones. People who are overweight have fewer hormones thus they need more food to feel satisfied. People who go on a diet reduce the satiety gut hormone levels even further. Thus when on a diet they feel hungrier and even less satisfied. It is possible to use special diets and/or drug treatments to increase satiety to achieve long term weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

Health Gain Rather Than
Weight Loss

In terms of weight management, we prefer to view it in terms of health gain rather than weight loss. The Look AHEAD study has shown that 10% body weight loss is required to reduce the risk of death. This can be achieved with intensive diets and exercise in up to 20% of people. This study compared the effects of intensive lifestyle and normal care for 5,000 patients over 10 years. Only one in five patients lost more than 10% of their weight, but it was this subgroup that had a lower risk of dying and the largest improvements in diseases associated with being overweight

A Range of Lifestyle
Solutions that Combine Exercise and Diet

Where lifestyle options and pharmacotherapy haven’t worked bariatric surgery is an option. Research shows that bariatric surgery delivers 25% weight loss for 80% of people and can put type 2 diabetes in remission.

Lifestyle options will be the appropriate starting point for the majority of people who are overweight and trying to lose weight and Professor Carel Le Roux and his team at Medfit offer a range of lifestyle solutions that combine exercise and diet.

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