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Obesity is a chronic disease caused by several factors outside our control. With any disease such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer or arthritis, there are biological issues that need to be addressed through personalised medicine. Whilst diet and exercise are the cornerstone of treatment for obesity, medication and surgical approaches are necessary for many individuals.

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A Scientific Approach to
Health Gain

Our team are at the forefront of obesity research and have published studies related to: diet and exercise, medication and surgery approaches, weight stigma, disease and co-morbidity pathophysiology and physiological considerations.

We understand that obesity is not caused by laziness which is a prevalent ideology across all of society. We view obesity as caused by numerous factors unique to each individual. To adequately treat obesity we take a multi-disciplinary, evidence based approach. Our primary goal is to ensure all our clients have the best chance at improving their health in the long term.

Health Gain Rather Than
Weight Loss

In terms of weight management, we prefer to view it in terms of health gain rather than weight loss. The Look AHEAD study has shown that 10% body weight loss is required to reduce the risk of death. This can be achieved with intensive diets and exercise in up to 20% of people. This study compared the effects of intensive lifestyle and normal care for 5,000 patients over 10 years. Only one in five patients lost more than 10% of their weight, but it was this subgroup that had a lower risk of dying and the largest improvements in diseases associated with being overweight

A Range of Lifestyle
Solutions that Combine Exercise and Diet

Where lifestyle options and pharmacotherapy haven’t worked bariatric surgery is an option. Research shows that bariatric surgery delivers 25% weight loss for 80% of people and can put type 2 diabetes in remission.

Lifestyle options will be the appropriate starting point for the majority of people who are overweight and trying to lose weight and Professor Carel Le Roux and his team at Medfit offer a range of lifestyle solutions that combine exercise and diet.


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