The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland published a report 20th of October 2016 – Prescription for a Wonder Drug – which recommends that healthcare professionals should use every opportunity to recommend physical activity to patients who are sedentary or inactive.
It encourages them to use contacts with patients to ask them about the level of physical activity and to inform them about the benefits it can bring to their health.

“Doctors and other healthcare professions need to do more to encourage patients to increase their level of physical activity, offering advice on the best type of exercise for them, how often they should do it and for how long to improve their health and wellbeing.”

While it is great to see this recommendation the reality is that it is often difficult if not impossible (for a variety of reasons) for them to provide the appropriate advice, particularly to patients who are inactive.

Medfit was established to provide healthcare professionals with an exercise facility they can safely recommend to their patients and where will get appropriate advice from Physiotherapists and Exercise Specialists. This advice takes into account existing medical conditions and ensures their exercise programme recommended is suitable, effective and safe.