Medfit specialises in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilita- tion and prevention of sports-related injury. We work with athletes of all ages and abilities, from world-class athletes to recreational sport participants. We ensure they recover from injury, reach their potential and achieve optimal performance. Programmes are person- alised and developed to meet your personal sport and exercise goals.

Who is it for?

Regardless of age or performance levels, our aim is to return you to your chosen sports or normal gym routine. Our clients range from the weekend warriors to profes- sional athletes. The Medfit experience is the most proac- tive way to regain and maintain musculoskeletal health and reach optimum fitness and performance.

What is involved?

Our sports physiotherapists and strength and conditioning specialists develop a programme that is specific to your injury. For some this may involve simple physiotherapy, for others a comprehensive rehabilitation programme may be required. The programmes are based around use of our facilities, our high-tech equipment (including Alter G anti-gravity treadmill) and the expertise of our team.

Why should I do the programme?

Our programmes get you back playing sport and exercising quickly and safely but also do much more than that. Our aim is to build your knowledge of your body and give you an exercise programme to help prevent recurrence of your injury. Our programmes provide a unique opportunity to fine-tune the body mechanics to optimise function.

How much does it cost?

An initial sports injury assessment costs €85 for an initial half hour consultation and provides us with a comprehensive assessment of your injury and enables us to commence treatment.

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Sports Injuries & Rehab
What our clients say about us…

“My operation was to repair the anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee. My recovery has been speedy and much quicker than I had been told to expect. I believe this has been possible because of Medfit’s excellent personal and professional programme”.

“Medfit takes the time to get to know ME and works with me to achieve my true fitness potential”

“I started the post-op rehab programme and it was very clear that the knowledge & practical approach of the Medfit team was way beyond average physiotherapy programmes”

“I would recommend Medfit to the world”