Since its inception, Medfit has aimed to transcend existing models of traditional clinical setups.

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Services at Medfit

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Back pain can be debilitating with serious long-term impacts on your health and quality of life. Medfit’s team of expert Chartered Physiotherapists use specialist technology to help diagnose and manage your pain

A Patient using a medicine ball under guidance

Physiotherapy & Orthopaedic

The environment provided by Medfit is safe, welcoming and supportive and our physiotherapists have state of the art clinical rooms, fully fitted gyms and modern technology at their disposal

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Medfit delivers personalised exercise to one looking for improvements in health and function, whether critically ill or an elite athlete, in a safe, friendly and professional environment

A Person suffering lower back pain due to a poor work posture


Medfit have developed a ‘Back to Work’ rehabilitation programme in partnership with insurers, employers and a nationwide network of occupational health specialists, to help you return to work from injury or illness

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Obesity is a chronic disease and those with obesity should be offered treatment. Unfortunately, many people think that the solution is to eat less and exercise more

Medfit's expert team is here to help you

Medfit is Ireland’s most specialised healthcare provider combining clinical expertise with state-of-the-art technology. We change our clients’ lives for the better in a friendly, supportive, and professional environment

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Our Values

We are a people centred, team led group delivering individualised care to help achieve your goals. This may be to lose weight, to get walking again after surgery or simply to be able to lift your kids

A patient receiving treatment on their knee

Our Difference

There is no other clinic in Ireland that combines a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians with state-of-the-art-technology all under one roof. The range and quality of services we offer is not matched anywhere else

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Our Promise

We promise to deliver the highest quality of care, in a professional and friendly environment – we will always go the extra mile when looking after your healthcare needs

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Your Health Care Partners for a Longer & Healthier Life

A Person receiving knee treatment

Medfit is the most specialised clinic in Ireland, which offers a range of healthcare services to cater for your needs. Combining clinical expertise and state of the art technology, Medfit is your trusted healthcare partner for a longer and healthier life.

Established in 2011, Medfit sought to bridge the gap between hospital care, GP care and the management of multiple conditions (such as back pain, cardiac issues, cancer recovery, weight management). Historically, multiple conditions were often managed by multiple providers, creating a siloed approach lacking cohesion.

Always Patient Centred…

At Medfit, we co-ordinate all aspects of patient care with a rehabilitation approach delivered in a facility that optimises all outcomes.